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Bio Energias

Bio Energias operates in the Free Energy Market with focus at optimizing electricity
costs of large and medium companies of the country, by generating financial savings for their customers.

We count on a differentiated operational structure, so that we can share with our customers and partners the unique opportunities in the Free Energy Market.
We operate our company in the segments of Electric Energy Commercialization, Migration of Consumers and Representation at the CCEE.
By means of a streamlined, agile and proactive structure, Bio Energias offers specific and differentiated solutions for each partner, aiming to take care of their operational needs, always in search of the best risk-return ratio.


Spot opportunities,
Search the best solutions
and implement projects.


Be a benchmark in the
Unregulated Contracting Environment.


Appreciation of Employees and Suppliers,
Respect for customers, Efficiency, Innovation,
Integrity, Ethical Credibility
and Social and Environmental Responsibility.


Average MW
commercialized per year


Years operating in the Free Market


Around BRL 350 million
annual turnover

Understand it better

The Free Market

The Free Energy Market is a segment of the energy industry, in which large and medium sized companies are free to choose who they want to buy their electric energy from.

Contracts are made in accordance with the consumption characteristics of each customer and they may be of short, average or long duration.
The main advantage for these companies is their cost reduction on electric energy.
Currently, 30% of the total commercialized energy in Brazil already belongs to the Free Market and this number does not stop growing.

The Free and Special Consumers

In order to be a free or special consumer, you need to comply with the following requirements laid down by the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber, the CCEE:

Free Consumers
Must be suitable to a contracted demand being equal or superior to 3,000 kW, connected in a voltage level that is equal or superior to 69 kV (for consumers connected to the distribution network after July 07th, 1995 there is no restriction regarding the voltage level).

Special Consumers
Must be suitable to a contracted demand of, at least, 500 kW, and may contract energy from subsidized sources (Small Hydroelectric Power Plant, Wind Power Plant, Small Thermoelectric Plant, etc.).Contracting of this type of energy provides a discount of 50% or 100% on the Rates of Wire Distribution System Use TUSD.


There is no auction offer at the moment.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Since its foundation, Bio Energias has been adopting practices, actions and initiatives to benefit society and the environment, aimed at improving the quality of life and investing in the development of human beings through educational, cultural, artistic, sports and welfare actions.


Tocar is a social project that brings opportunities for children and teenager students from the public schools of São Paulo to study music with singing lessons, drum, bass, electric guitar, keyboard, guitar and violin lessons.

Mão Solidária is a project of social inclusion by means of sports for children and teenagers between 12 and 16 years old, coordinated by Daniel Suarez, former athlete of the Cuban handball team.

Sponsorship of the book “Sustentabilidade Planetária, onde eu entro nisso?”, by Fabio Feldman, one of the most active environmentalists of Brazil.

Bio Energias collaborates with AFATEC – (Association for Familiar Assistance Teresa of Calcutta). AFATEC provides several services for the community of Vila Pantanal, helping over 100 families, providing from food parcels to clothes, footwear, medicines, eyeglasses, dental prosthesis and other needs.


Rua Funchal, 263 bloco A – 3° andar cj.31 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo – SP – 04551-060

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